Why You Should Use Puppy Pads to Train Your Dog when-pads-are-right-for-you Are Puppy Pads Right For You?

When Puppy Pads Are Right For You

How often your dog needs to relieve themselves varies based on several factors such as the age of your dog, the size of your dog, the breed of your dog, etc. According to Dr. Krista Magnifico, the typical dog will urinate once every four to six hours (puppies will urinate more often than this as their bladder is not developed); which means that as an indoor pup owner, you should take your pup out every four to six hours to use the bathroom. Simple right? Well…as some of you may know, it’s not always that sample.

Not all of us have convenient access to a place where our pups can relieve themselves on a regular basis. Whether you live on the tenth floor of an apartment building, work a 9-to-5 job, face physical difficulties, or simply don’t have the time — taking out your furry little pal 3-5 times per day, unfortunately, isn’t always so simple. And that’s why there’s puppy pads. There is a large selection of articles on the internet today discussing whether or not you should use puppy pads, and it’s really not a single answer situation. We wrote this article to help answer the question, “are puppy pads right for you?”

Contrary to the general consensus, potty pads or “puppy pads” aren’t designed just for puppies; they’re designed for those of us who keep our dogs indoors, and aren’t able to regularly take our dog out to urinate. Puppy pads offer a great solution for those of us in this situation, and when using high quality puppy pads and proper training (see our guide on puppy pad training here), clean up is a breeze.

When Puppy Pads Aren’t Right For You

Now, although our sales team is going to go nuts when we say this, puppy pads aren’t the right solution for every dog owner. Puppy pads are designed for dogs who live indoors, and their owners are not able to regularly take their dogs out. Of, course not all dog owners are in this situation. Some dogs enjoy the luxury of a huge yard that they have regular access to. Some dogs have owners who are home all day and can regularly take them out. And, some dogs live outside year around. These dogs obviously don’t have the need for puppy pads, and that’s great; puppy aren’t designed for everyone.

Should I Use Puppy Pads? when-pads-arent-right-for-you-complete Are Puppy Pads Right For You?

But of course, there’s many different walks of life, and not all pup owners have these options. And that’s why we have puppy pads – the perfect solution for all indoor pups.

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